My name is Monty Harrington and this site is for the sports fan of the professional teams in Houston, Texas. The teams I have been a fan of my whole life inlcude the Oilers until they left Houston to the return of the NFL in 2002 with the Texans. The Houston Rockets and their battles with the Celtics and Lakers in the 1980's to the "Clutch City" back-to-back championships in 1994-1995. The team that I consider my favorite would have to be the Houston Astros. The 1986 Astros may have been the best baseball team Houston ever had including the 2004-2005 teams that made the NLCS and the World Series.

Founded - 2010

About - Covers the Houston Astros, Houston Texans, Houston Rockets and more.

Overview - What's the sizzle? was founded in 2010 and covers the sports teams in Houston, Texas. Other topics include any top sports stories or big games that are going on across the country.

Mission - Provide insightful, knowledgeable and honest sports info on Houston sports and more.

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The fansizzle is a website that will cover topics that sizzle with the Astros, Texans and Rockets. What's the sizzle?  - follow and find out. doesn't sell or share any information we receive.  Privacy Policy